23 Jun

Day 1

So Saturday we got our hands on the keys to the future project Rainbow Alley Social Club.  Walking into this building with slight smells of mice piss, creative ash trays and bowing ceilings; the feeling has come that day one is here and not sure where day two is going to arrive.

Visions of knocking down the building and starting again come into mind (which may be the eventual outcome) and wandering who owns the car park and various creative properties that surround the alleyway.  IMG_1399-1

We meet a guy called Billy that owns the sports clothes shop at the back and he first of all looks surprised that anyone wants the cute building but after a few words of our vision and ideas is pleased and says “In tottenham, slowly the dolphins are moving in and slowly the sharks are moving out”.  Was quite a mad way of putting into context but he had a point in the ever changing N17.

The job is huge and comes in a week when the mother of Rainbow Alley, Phoenix Community Care, is under Ofsted inspection for the whole week so there is not much fiddling to be done this week.  The only thing we decided to do on Saturday is change the locks, call our extermination king Dennis and head for a pint to celebrate.

We have got a lot of funding to raise and it will be a while before we can develop the building so for now the building will be cleaned, whitewashed and used in a sort of squatted pop up shop sort of way to raise funds for the final vision.  We are having a few conversations of fundraising ideas at the venue of 510a High Road but day one has finally arrived and let us raise a glass to the beginning.

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