Evolving Mission Statement

Rainbow Alley Social Club
A hub of creation for an inclusive community


Rainbow Alley is for the rich, poor, hopeless, confident, unloved, cherished, English, everyone not English, fit, fat, able bodied, disabled, loving, narcissistic, frowned upon, heroes of our community.

This is for Tottenham!rainbow_alley1


An all inviting living room open 9 to 5 (and other times when events booked) where people (from all walks of life) can spend time with you or leave you (to use the space as an organising space / resource). Art exploding from the walls onto the Alley and beyond whilst encouraging and creating a resource for the local community.


Start off with a selection of loose leaf teas, great coffee and soft drinks, fruits juices (must have cake though) . With a social enterprise franchise of The Feel Good Bakery which is currently starting in Roehampton. This will create employment, work experience and networking for unqualified, unemployable people to have a platform for moving into a sustainable career.


Our resource will be enhanced by access to ESOL teachers, job advisors, housing officers, which PCC can facilitate and network. PCC staff will listen, make phone calls, fill in applications and just be there to provide a holistic package for people that need that extra little help. PCC will occupy the top floor of the building and it will not only be an office space but also a space for training, meeting and planning revolutions.


Also we are registered to give food bank vouchers to PCC service users (and those referred to us from other agencies) that are vulnerable and isolated, with a chance for a free coffee / lunch as an extra kick start.


Other features that are possible:-


Suspended Coffee – Buy a coffee for someone who can’t afford it – http://www.suspendedcoffees.com


Pop up Restaurant – Invite different chefs to do different menu evenings.


Book club, music groups and other meet ups.


Elderly Luncheon Club (working with other agencies)


Support other local businesses already in Tottenham with special events (i.e. – local cheese, coffee, beer, bread, popcorn, artwork).

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