28 Jul

Signs & Wonders


The Architect

There seems to be so many signs that we are doing the right things.  Whatever your walk in life (in terms of faith, spirituality or zombie) there seems to be so many signs that this project is right for Tottenham and the right time.  We looked over a few buildings over the years to do things that are similar to this but it feels that the relationships we have made, the right building being available now and the rebuilding of Tottenham after the bad press of recent years has come at a perfect time.

People have been so encouraging and we have been offered time, furniture, contacts, advice and funding application help from people that we have met or just the odd passer by.  People are generally excited about the project even if they haven’t quite got their head around what it is (I think this makes it organic?).

People keep asking what stage is it at and I usually just say ‘very slowly’.  Thought I’d jott down where we think we are at.

Through the charity of Phoenix Community Care, we have this property freehold under the charity so building costs and the development of Rainbow Alley falls on our funds and funding skills (with a little help).  We know we have the perfect location but the building itself needs some excessive TLC.

We have met with structural engineers, architects and builders who with our vision have come up with a 3 stage plan.

Stage 1

We use the front part of the building for now as the back part of the building is in greater need of repair and needs knocking down and rebuilding.

In the front of the building we upgrade the electrics, plumbing and everything else to run a temporary two floor community space / coffee shop which we can open to the public and start.  This needs roughly over £10,000 which we need to find and are currently sending out applications for and people are donating through various links (if you want to be that link then just shout).

Stage 2

Once planning and lots of funding has been sorted we will build the back part of the building.  We can’t really say what we will build as it all comes down to planning permission.

Stage 3

We bring the front of the building in line with what is happening in the back.  Not sure if we will be able to be open in this time but we will see.

Hope this all makes sense and if you have any questions or if you want to get involved them I’d be up for meeting with you.