22 Oct

Taking it slowly

Where are we now?  I keep telling people that we are taking it slowly, we don’t want to get stressed and burnt out by the whole idea of Rainbow Alley.  We want to have fun changing the world and enjoy the food, socialising, art and assisting tottenham residents. Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 11.44.44 The building has been battered over the years with dodgy alterations and pseudo builders but we are slowly putting jobs into bite size chunks over two days here two days there.  We are always looking into funding too which does slow the process down but we have been offered free help with this and that has been a great blessing.

Stage one (the front of the building) has just been rewired for electrics and that is a huge weight of our mind.  We have put into a plan of six other bite size chunks and when a bit more funding has come through we will fit new gas boiler and fittings for heating and cooking.

We have already had little function appear in the alley like the Facebook group Tottenham sell or swap (see photo) and little private gatherings and we are open to other uses of the building but we want it to be a benefit to all walks of Tottenham life and all its glory.  If you want to help with funding, volunteering, building, or event ideas then just contact us.